Innoventaa Technocrats offer a new course module called Business Analysis.Business analysis deals with identifying business needs and finding solutions to business problems. The person who handles this task in an organization is known as business analyst. Business analyst role is to determine solution for process improvement, policies change, organizational strategic planning and system development. He contributes by analyzing objectives, processes and resource of the business and provides solutions by which improvement can be made. You can say that business analyst act as a liaison between organization and technology department.

Major role of business analyst is:

  • Identifying business change requirement (Overview of business domains, goals, core competence,market competition and etc)
  • Goal of business analysis (assessing the impact of the changes, analysis, documentation, modeling the organization, final implementing )

What business analyst should posses?

  • Good communication skill
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Deep analyzers
Our business analysis training course will provide key skills in effective way of analyzing the business change projects with minimum cost and maximum benefit. Our experienced faculty will deliver lectures with real life case study for better understanding of analyst role in an organization. All trainers have worked as business analyst will train you to be an expert.

Our Course module includes:

  • Overview of Business Analysis
  • Introduction to business analyst role
  • Basic rules of Business Analyst
  • IT and non IT change
  • Project scope and objectives
  • Interviewing and fact finding
  • Requirements definition
  • Process modeling
  • Data modeling
  • Ensuring requirement quality
  • Managing delivery
  • Requirement engineering techniques
Note: Students will get case study to solve in a team.
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